Girls love ponies! 
You and your love are sitting at your favorite park. In the distance is an adorable pony decorated like a unicorn. You both watch the pony.  It walks in your direction. It stops in front of you both. A custom sign sits on the pony's wooden saddle. "Will You Marry Me Hailey"? a wooden box is attached to an old fashioned wooden saddle. It says "open me". In the wooden box is a ring.

There are many themes and location to choose from.  Customize your experience just for her.

The Petal Pony

Have your flower girl walk down the isle with a pony!

The Pour Pony

The Pour Pony will charm your reception or private event with a unique addition to your bar. The pony with his custom carrying pack will walk around with a server refilling your guests wine glasses.

Photo coming soon

The Pony Keg

The Pour Pony will arrive to your reception or private event pulling an old fashioned pony keg cart!  Have a pony keg station self serve or hosted. 

Photo coming soon

Cocktail Pony Carts


Cocktail Bar Carts

The Rum and Colt

The Moscow Mule

The Pony Keg

The (your custom name) 



Horse Trailer Bar

Now taking reservations for 2023!  

We are under renovations to our 1972 Miley horse trailer.

Classy and stylish, our mobile bar will be equipped to service all your beverage needs.

More photos to come.